Stuart SSM4 rocker

  • $416.00

Looks new, tested and working well. New non slip Mat


The Stuart SSM4 Rocker by Cole Parmer has a bright LED display. The adjustable digital timer automatically stops after the set time (1 to 9999 minutes, 1 second to 90 minutes or 1 minute to 9 hours).  Select the speed between 5 to 70 rpm; both are set using the encoder control knob, allowing repeatability of mixing.


Movement is a see-saw rocking action, generating a wave motion through samples, ideal for the gentle mixing of live culture flasks and Petri dishes. Suitable for use in incubators or environmental chambers up to 40°C, maximum humidity 80%.


A non-slip mat and platform lip secure vessels. The SSM4 is the mini model and has a platform size 235 x 235mm, ideal for small laboratories where bench space is limited or for personal use.




  • Rocking action see-saw wave


  • Platform dimensions 235 x 235 mm (w x l)


  • Speed range 5 to 70rpm


  • Angle of tilt 7°


  • Angle adjustable by hand no


  • Maximum load 3kg


  • Dimensions 240 x 300 x 150mm  (w x d x h)


  • Tier height 125/tier mm


  • Operational temperature range +4 to +40°C


  • Maximum permissible humidity  80%


  • Net weight 5kg


  • Electrical supply 230V, 50Hz, 50W 2


  • IP Rating 30