Thermo Orion iom selective PH meter

  • £125.00

Unit powers up, but not tested further.

Comes with a power supply

  • Direct ISE/pH readout
  • Simultaneous display of data/temperature
  • Manual or automatic temperature compensation
  • Temperature: −5 to 105°C, ± 0.1°C accuracy
  • 5 point Auto-Buffer recognition/Calibration
  • Adjustable isopotential point
  • Slope range: 80 to 120% effieciency
  • BNC connector
  • CE mark of conformance
  • Function: pH/ISE/mV/T
  • RS232 interface
  • Alarm limits, High/Low
  • Autobank
  • Datalogger 25
With dual electrode inputs, the Orion 720A+ allows two measurements at the same time, perfect for a busy, multi-user laboratory. The pH autocalibration feature recognizes five pH buffers using built-in buffer/temperature tables. Express concentration results to three significant digits. Full five point concentration calibration with automatic blank correction improves results of low level measurements. User prompting walks you through each meter operation. Store data using the internal datalogger or print, via the RS232 port.