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The CR-700 Constant Rate Syringe allows easy, reproducible injection of liquid samples into many analyticali nstruments. Use the CR-700 directly from the shipping container. Setting the desired dispense volume is the only adjustment necessary.
The CR-700 standardizes three major variables affecting reproducibility: sample volume, rate of injection, an ddepth of needle penetration. Even when operated by different technicians, the CR-700 provides reproducibilityof ±1% of the total syringe volume in routine procedures.

10 – 200 μL (P/N 84302).
Operating the CR-700 Constant Rate Syringe
The CR-700 has a unique micrometer type volume adjustment setting. Follow these steps to operate
the CR-700 (refer to Figure 1, next page):
1. Loosen the locking ring and rotate the thimble until the volume required is selected.
To read the micrometer, align a mark on the thimble with the single vertical line on the inner sleeve.
The value on the inner sleeve is read first. The number associated with the line on the thimble is a
decimal fraction of the coarse reading. Align the 0 mark on the thimble with the vertical line on the
inner sleeve where it intersects the line of the volume you desire. To obtain a reading between two
whole numbers on the inner sleeve scale, rotate the thimble. Figure 1 (next page) illustrates a
CR-700-20 with a final selected volume of 11.75 μL.
2. Tighten the locking ring using your fingers.
3. Place the needle tip in your sample, and fill the syringe by pulling the plunger button.
4. To inject the sample, press the latch button located near the top of the outer sleeve.
Note: Once you select a volume by tightening the locking ring, you do not need to loosen the locking
ring again until you select a different volume.